Check out my girl Zewdy giving a shout out to the HYPE MOVEMENT!

Zewdy is Eritrean and Ethiopian born in NYC and raised in New Jersey! She is an up and coming music artist and is a great example for all young people who are striving to LIVE THE HYPE!!!! Thanks for the shout out Zewdy! We love you!!!

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Helping Youth Pursue Emancipation

How did the HYPE Movement begin?
The HYPE Movement was started by young Tongan university students who were devastated by the increase in high school dropout rates, incarceration rates, and death rates in our Pacific Islander community. They wanted be engaged in bringing about a positive change in our young people. They wanted to be involved in a grassroots movement that would bring all youth together (regardless of race, class, and gender) united under one cause—the power to live our dreams and to emancipate (free) ourselves from the confinements and limitations that society has imposed upon us or that we have internalized. Livin' the HYPE means striving to reach our greatest potential in order to recreate a world of endless possibilities for all our youth!

The HYPE MOVEMENT is living the very words of the legendary Bob Marley when he said “emancipate yourselves from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our minds”!!!

What does HYPE Stand for?
Helping Youth Pursue Emancipation

What is its purpose?
This is a Youth Liberation Movement encouraging youth to free their minds/imagination of any limitations they have set on themselves or feel society has placed on them and pursue their own talents and aspirations to create something positive.

What do I have to do?
Live the HYPE! By wearing the HYPE wristband, you are acknowledging that you can do or become whatever it is you set your mind to. You also agree to pursue your goal in a positive way that will benefit yourself as well as your community. Pursue your passion and don't let anyone/anything stop you.

How can I help?
Spread the word. We encourage everyone (children, adults, educators, community leaders, etc.) to show their support of the movement by wearing the HYPE wristbands and sharing the positive message of empowerment with others.


Why Black Wristbands?
The color black symbolizes shadows. It’s easy for our youth to feel hidden or unseen standing in the shadow of authority, elders, community leaders and those they look up to. The youth have so much to offer our community (music, art, literature, ideas, etc.) but are often left without an open positive space to share it.

How is this significant?
By acknowledging that you are in the shadow, you can then pull yourself out and allow yourself to be seen. You are no longer in the shadow but are now determined to shine. Open your mind and allow your talent to take you where you really want to go. Whatever your goals and aspirations may be you must now recognize your potential to achieve them.

Why a wristband?
The significance of the wristband is a constant reminder of your own liberation in breaking free from negative stereotypes and limitations but also that you now have the opportunity to help pull others out of the shadows as well.


For more information on how you can GET ON THE HYPE…please contact ‘Anapesi Ka’ili at anapesikaili@gmail.com or anapesi@planet-tonga.com or visit the HYPE Myspace at http://www.myspace.com/hypeinfo

Check out the HYPE MOVEMENT photos at http://photos.planet-tonga.com/

Thursday, September 25, 2008