New Zealand H.Y.P.E. Action

It has truly been a blessing to know that so many people share the vision of the H.Y.P.E. Movement! A couple of months ago I had asked Maryanne Pale, a colleague of mine from New Zealand if she would be willing to compose a poem for the H.Y.P.E. Movement! Despite her crazy schedule as a Phd student at the University of Auckland and among her many responsibilities, she kindly obliged and produced what is seen on the video below.

[Maryanne Pale Reppin' H.Y.P.E.]

Please check it out and be inspired!!!
[Special Thanks to Solkrush, Bologna Fungi, & PASS for making this possible]

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Awesome Kids!!!

This past week we were invited to present on the H.Y.P.E. Movement at Salt Lake Community College's Pacific Islander College Day!

I invited Abigail Langi, Daela Tipton and Sulia Matagi to be the main presenters that day. They were awesome!!!

[Abigail Langi, Daela Tipton, Sulia Matagi & their aunty Neti Taumoepeau (676)

We initially met to go over what we would cover during the presentation and then exchanged emails throughout the week about the overall structure of the presentation and they came up with all the pictures for the powerpoint, wrote their own script, and also composed their own poetry. They were so amazing that I often forgot that they are only 12 years old!!!!!

It just goes to prove how extremely talented our young people are when we raise our expectations of them and offer them love, support and the right kind of mentorship! Anything is possible!

Check out the clips from their presentation and LIVE THE H.Y.P.E.!!!

The girls also showed Andrew Vai's spoken word piece Go To School and introduced him as their H.Y.P.E. Brother from the Bay area... very powerful! Check out the video and GET ON THE H.Y.P.E.!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Annoying Tourist!!!

The Rock's skit on Saturday Night Live about annoying tourist who visit Hawaii! LOL!

It's hilarious!!!

You must watch it!!!

"Aloha Hard" to the millions of annoying tourist who visit Hawaii every year!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009