Create Your Own Destiny! Live the H.Y.P.E.

The H.Y.P.E Movement presents 4 extraordinary Tongan dancers who are living the H.Y.P.E!

(in order of appearance)
Hefa Tuita of Nickelodeon's "Dance on Sunset"
Tessi Toluta'u - Miss South Pacific 2007
Tony Pututau - from Dancing with the Stars on Tour
CJ Tonga Bair - from Center Stage Dance Studio

Music: Ote'a Tivuri by Nonosina

Directed and Edited by Richard Wolfgramm
Filmed by Richard Wolfgramm, Tanelle Lindquist and Daela Tipton

There should be no limit to what we can achieve!!!

Create your own destiny!!!

Live your Dreams!!!

Get On The H.Y.P.E.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Seini Photography said...

I love it! Well done guys....looks like to much fun:) I'm so bummed I missed your session last night but will definitely catch the next one. Thanks for all you guys do!

Kyte said...

cool video!!!! i like what you wrote in your blog about the haters not spelling right! by the way if you have time, check out

this blog particularly caught my attention since i have a friend who's a Tongan....

Your blog was nicely done....