HYPE Photoshoot 2008

[Kimo Watanabe]

This past weekend we conducted our first HYPE professional photoshoot with one of the most amazing photographers there is--Naomi Masina! I had come across her work a couple of months ago and knew right away that if we were ever to do professional photos for the HYPE Movement promotional materials, that she would definitely be my first choice and so far she she has turned out to be exactly what I had expected and so much more. Please check out her work...I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

[Tevita Uesi]

The day of the photoshoot started with a snow storm and lasted throughout the photoshoot. That morning I woke up and looked outside and considered cancelling the shoot, but then got text messages from those who were involved informing me that they were already making their way down to Salt Lake City in the crazy weather...and so I decided to just move forward with it and hoped that it would all turn out for the best!

It turned out to be just as I expected...crazy, snowy, hectic, and freezing, but also extremely fun! I picked the best individuals to be part of this photoshoot because not once did I hear them complain as we moved from building to building or as we were driving through the crazy snow! They just went with the flow and in the end it all turned out well. Thanks everyone! Love you all!!!

[Tessi Toluta'u]

I specifically chose each individual (there are 20 all together) who was part of the photoshoot because I felt that their lives expemplify what it means to LIVE THE HYPE! They are amazing young people who live and dwell in possibilities regardless of the negative stereotypes that maybe projected toward them! They move forward proud of their cultural heritage! They recognize that although they haven't asked for the title of "role model" its been put on them and they try to always represent to the fullest! They make me proud and hopeful everytime I think of them and the struggles and challenges they go through on a daily basis to live their dreams--yet they continue to keep focused and keep on keepin' on!

[Meagan HoChing Palelei]

Prior to the photoshoot I had asked each of them to finish the following sentence: "____________ is Powerful, but ___________ is Revolutionary!" Here is what they came up with, which I feel truly reflect who they are and what they are passionate about...(pictures copied from our photographer Naomi Masina's Blog).

[Tessi Toluta'u]

“Motivation is Powerful but Love is Revolutionary!"
--Tessi Toluta'u

[Tevita Uesi]

“God is Powerful but Music is Revolutionary!"
--Tevita Uesi

[Meagan HoChing Palelei]

“Words are Powerful but Action is Revolutionary!"
--Meagan HoChing Palelei

[Kimo Watanabe]

“Music is Powerful but Good Music is Revolutionary!"
--Kimo Watanabe

Stay tuned for full featured articles on each indivdiual in January 2009!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


fantastic said...

The photos turned out so well!! Each of the people that you used had great quotes as well ;) I'm loving the high-waisted pants that one of the subjects is wearing..hahaha!

Good job 'Anapesi...always doing something that impacts!

Lita said...

Love what your doing Anapesi! I was surprised to see Meghan on here! She has grown up so fast and I'm so proud of her!

Unknown said...

Hey Anapesi,

Loving the progress you have made with the HYPE Movement.

Keep strong and strive for more.


Sherry (NZ)