Mover and Shaker

I recently interviewed Paul "Big Paul" Tu'ivai for an article written for Spasifik Magazine.

Our latest MOVER AND SHAKER is Paul Tu’ivai, known widely as BIG PAUL, a Tongan, who has been at the top of the music industry as an executive at Universal-Motown for the past decade. He tells his story to US correspondent ‘ANAPESI KAILI; from humble beginnings as a child growing up in Tonga, to emerging radio jock in San Francisco, to the man behind the successful careers of international artists such as Nelly and Lil’ Wayne. His inspirational story and words of wisdom make this feature a must read for all SPASIFIK fans. (quoted from Spasifik Magazine)
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Thursday, December 4, 2008


fantastic said...

sooo tempting. i've kept the first issues of this magazine in pristine condition--i loved it so much! and to now know that you get to write for them?! I'm so J! i'm really tempted to get the online subscription...looks like so many interesting articles..

of COURSE you had to go and do this, anapesi!

Seti said...

Hey 'Anapesi! Congrats on another published article. Spasifik is doing really well and I'm glad that I had a chance to write a column this past issue as well. Working on another one for the next issue. Hope you'll be there too!

'Anapesi Ka'ili said...

Thanks Seti!

I love your articles! It is the only thing that I read in relation to sports! I get all my sports news from reading your blog and articles... hahaha...but seriously! not joking... lol!

fantastic said...

LOVING the article.
...and your picture too ;)

'Anapesi Ka'ili said...

Thanks Ane!!!

Anonymous said...

hay ana can you bebo me ?

lolesiok2-username .

be great to hook up nd talk , just one ov tha many people from n.z who loved your story about "BIG PAUL"..

just another ambitious tongan , who's ready to let loose nd starting making my dreams tangable..

peace sis !

lole - oTARA 274 ..

'Anapesi Ka'ili said...

Hi Lole,

Thanks for the comment...please feel free to add me on bebo... my bebo address is

Much thanks and 'ofas!