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My sisters and I love to buy makeup! We have containers full of makeup that we haven't even opened or probably opened and tried once and never looked at it again. It's so ironic that we buy so much makeup but end up only using the same ones over and over (my brothers think its hilarious except for when they happen to accompany us to the store and we make them buy it...then its not so funny anymore)...LOL!!!

I always get disappointed when I buy makeup that looks great in the store and on the pictures only to find that it should remain in the store on the pictures... hahahaha!!! I wished that someone I knew would actually try it out for me first and then tell me if it's worth buying.... and what do you know... my wish has come true!

[Ane Phillips showcasing that Tongan Beauty]

My beautiful Tongan sistah Ane Phillips, who works as a model and also works in marketing has a great blog where she gives some awesome beauty tips!

Please check it out HERE. I guarantee you will love it!!!

She alerted me to the NYX cosmetics jumbo eye pencils and my sisters went and bought some to try it out and it's a big hit!!!

Check out her blog and add her to your blog-list today!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008


TOKA TOCA said...

who is this girl? hahahaha jus kidding cuz =)

Seti said...

That's so funny. Its a lot like my lifelong complaint about seeing beautiful fast food meals on the tube, running down to get it and then realizing that the high school kids behind the counter really don't know how to cook! BTW, that Ane girl is prettyful. I'll never admit to wearing makeup, but if it makes me look that good, tell me where and how much!