Double Cuties!!!

Last night I got to hang out with my two cutie twin nephews --Arona & Arami-- They are almost 5 months old and are the cutest and nicest little boys ever unless you want to take pictures of them and then they start doing random things like rolling their eyes, turning the other way, ignoring me, screaming, crying or spitting up saliva all over me... LOL!!!!

[My two cutie twin nephews...Arona & Arami]

I took about 50 pictures with my camera phone before Arami finally looked at the camera with that look like "is this woman for realz...Geez get it over with already!!!" LOL!!! yeah persistence really pays off!!!

[This is Arami or as I call him Orson Jr. Part 1]

It took forever to take this picture because Arona kept looking at me and refused to look at the camera. Everytime I turned him to the camera he smiled and right when I would take the picture he looked away. I finally had to hold his bottle from the top together with my camera and as he was looking at his bottle I took the picture (yeah I am so talented!!! LOL!!!), but how come he looks totally bored like he already knew what I was trying to do and finally gave up and just looked at the camera...hahahaha!!! So much for me trying to be tricky! lol!

[This is Arona or as I call him Orson Jr. Part 2]

The whole night I had the TV on and was flipping through all the news channels CNN, CSPAN, FOX, MSNBC, etc., and unfortunately my nephews didn't really enjoy watching the news! LOL!!!

[Arami laughing while we were watching Sarah Palin being interviewed on Larry King]

We watched the Palin interview with Larry King and basically the twins reactions mirror my own reactions when I hear Palin being interviewed. She either puts me to sleep or makes me laugh! I guess it's safe to say that my twin nephews share my same political views and convictions! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!!

[Arona sleeping while we were watching Sarah Palin being interviewed on Larry King]

I promise I didn't try to influence them toward any political party, although I had to change both of their poopie diapers right when Pat Buchanan came on TV... hahaha!!! hmmm... I wonder what that means??? Yeah it means Pat is full of CRAP!!! LOL!!!

Looking forward to my next night out with my twin nephews so I can follow up on how their political views have progressed! hahahaha!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


fantastic said...

aww, they're so cute! i'm sure they share your political views...they know what's up! lol

Obama Girl UK said...

OHMYGOSH I DIED LAUGHING at "..I guess that means Pat Buchana is full of poop!" Bwaaaahahahahahaha. I think I might even venture to suggest that saying "I guess that means Pat Buchanan MAKES me wanna poop" would also be true. Ha, ha. Nice babysitting blog there. I think your version of The Babysitters Club would make tons of money.