Get on the H.Y.P.E.-- Cubworld

[Jake Kongaika/Cubworld]

A couple of months ago I came across this video clip of Cubworld singing in Amsterdam. I was so moved by the whole performance that I immediately became a Cubworld fan! There are many talented musicians out there but very few are talented and humble! Cubworld is definitely among those few and we are honored to have him represent for the H.Y.P.E Movement!

Check out his HYPE video profile below and share it with your friends!

Click on the picture below to check out Cubworld's music!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Liana Kinikini said...

Thanks so much Anapesi for involving Jake in this wonderful movement! He has been very excited and proud of the work that he has done for HYPE. If there is anything Siope and I can do to help, let us know. Keep changing the world, Anapesi. You are definitely living the HYPE.

Colour Me Fiji said...

Wow he's beautiful! Vinaka 'Anapesi!