"The Promise" (HYPE Song) 676 Featuring the HYPE Kids

[Reppin' H.Y.P.E. at recording studio]

Check out "The Promise" (HYPE Song) 676 Featuring the HYPE Kids

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"The Promise" was written specifically for the Hype Movement. Different issues in our community were embedded in the back of the mind of 676, however to make sure the right audience was targetted, the youth was the main focus. The first verse starts off with 676 - Neti Taumoepeau, and is symbolic of a parent or elder speaking to a child. The second verse of the song was recorded by her niece Abby Langi, (12 years old) and symbolizes the child's response, or the "promise" about to take place. In composing this song 676 wanted the lyrics to be something empowering for our young people. The chorus and the last bridge were all sung by the HYPE KIDS ranging in age from 5 - 13 years old which was a perfect touch and ending to the Hype song, "The Promise".


This time I promise to
Give it my everything
My heart my strength
I'll give it all let nothing
Stand in my way

Special thanks to the H.Y.P.E. Kids: Kaufo'ou Motu'apuaka, 'Ilaise Matagi, Silia Ka'ili, Saione Matagi, Fine Langi, Zac Tipton, 'Amoni Ka'ili, Daela Tipton, Kyala Brown, Abby Langi, Sulia Matagi, Vaofua Ka'ili, Marisela Medina, Sariah Brown & 'Anapesi Ka'ili Jr.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009